Web Applications Devenploment

Automating business processes is a must for every business that aspires to run a flawless operation in today’s dynamic market place. We are here to help you grow your business by automating your manual processes for accuracy, speed, reliability and efficiency.

Experience the luxury of having your customers always satisfied when you engage us to bring the power of technology and innovation to your business through the deployment of tailor made solutions that meet your specific business needs. Our software products are designed using the most recent development tools and they are web based.


e-Archive™ is the perfect web solution for managing your documents while having control in focus. The application has functionality to setup branches, business units, as well as indexes for ease of document retrieval.

The application works very well with windows image and photo viewers. It can be used to organize documents created in other applications as well as scanned ones. It works perfectly with any TWAIN complaint scanner. Our design approach is "keep it simple" and make it easy to deploy and use.